Picking in WMS

"Picking" is the process of taking items off a shelf (from a location) into a cart or trolley. Most warehouses do this in batches of goods out notes, where the items are compiled into a single pick list. The items on a pick list are ordered by location, to minimize walking time around the warehouse.

Pick lists can be either physical paper copies or digital lists.

Paper-based: Once you have a picking list of goods out notes, you can just print it from the picking list screen. Open the picking list for a batch from the Goods Out > Batches screen.

On-screen: If you’re using a device that warehouse staff carry with them, you can pick using the on-screen picking list. As you pick items into the cart, click the green [+] icon to increment the quantity.

A blue tick on the goods out notes list indicates partial progress - perhaps only some items have been picked so far, for example.

Note: To use agile picking you need to have it first enabled by Brightpearl in your WMS configuration, and then turned on in your WMS settings.

Picking goods 

  1. Select your batch from Goods out > Batches and click Pick.
  2. Walk around the warehouse, following locations in the order given on the picking list. Pick the items into a cart or trolley. As you pick them, scan the item barcode or use the on-screen buttons to increment the quantity.
  3. Once all items are picked, the screen will return to the batch list ready for the next process. Take the cart to the packing area.


Picking exceptions (agile picking)

If the item isn’t in the specified location, you can click the location on the pick list to open the Picking Exceptions pop-up. This shows you all other locations which contain that item, so you can substitute an item from another location.


Since inventory is allocated to goods out notes using FIFO, the original item was most likely the oldest in stock.

The next goods out note will be allocated the same item in the same location, so if you want to remove the item because it was damaged or cannot be picked for whatever reason, make your stock correction immediately after picking.

Picking exceptions could be used when a picker doesn’t want to break a multi-pack in the given location, which would not normally require a stock correction as there is still valid inventory in that location.

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