Introduction to goods out

Shipping items to customers is handled using Goods Out Notes (GONs). Multiple GONs can be created for a single Brightpearl order, to allow fulfilment from different warehouses, or at different times.

WMS provides the flexibility for you to process goods out notes in the way that best suits your organization.  This will be a tradeoff between the requirements of shipping channels, sales channels, priorities and resources that you have available.

  • Which shipping company collects next?  

  • Do certain sales channels require special packing?  

  • How do I keep warehouse assistants from tripping over each other in the warehouse?
  • Who should I assign pick pack and ship to?  

  • Do I have important customers to prioritize?  

  • Do I have special service level agreements with certain customers?

Use preset filters, screen default sort order (eg oldest first), batches and assignment to prioritize appropriately.


To create a Goods Out Note, you fulfil a Sales Order. Fulfilment can be done either in Brightpearl, or in WMS. In many businesses, the process of fulfilment is done using the Brightpearl Automation app, and only some orders need to be fulfilled manually.

If you’re going to fulfil in WMS, you’ll need to be either a supervisor or manager.

  1. First choose the orders you want from the Goods Out > Orders list.
  2. Select the orders and click Fulfil
  3. Choose from the options in the pop-up screen. The ‘failover’ shipping method is used for GONs where there’s not one set on the Brightpearl order.

Pick, pack and ship

Once it’s been created, a goods out note can go through 4 stages. The first three stages are optional, so you could just go straight to shipping, however once a GON is shipped it is locked and cannot be edited.


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A paper document is printed using a template depending on the shipping method and the sales channel. A picking list is produced for the items on the GON, with the location to pick from. This is usually done as a consolidated picking list using a batch of GONs. The items on this GON are taken from a picking trolley and placed into packages for each GON. You can change the GON shipping method if the one automatically selected isn’t correct. The GON is locked and items are removed from stock in Brightpearl. Brightpearl updates any connected sales channels with shipping and tracking information.

 You can process GONs one at a time, or in batches.


When there’s a problem, an operator can “park” a GON with comments for a manager to resolve. You can also set flags on GONs. Typically the manager would have a preset filter to show flagged GONs to check each morning.

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