Chrome settings for silent printing

To use WMS’s batch packing feature to the full, you may wish to print goods out notes without going through the normal print preview stage to save time and unnecessary clicks.

WMS works with many browsers, but these are the Google Chrome settings for goods out auto printing.

Create a desktop shortcut  

If you want Chrome settings for goods out auto printing in WMS but not for your other browser needs, create a Chrome desktop shortcut. Right click and rename it to ‘Google Auto Print’ or similar.

Enable auto print  

In Chrome this is called "silent printing" or "kiosk printing".

After creating the desktop shortcut, right click the shortcut and click "Properties".

In the "Target" field after "", type this:


Note there is a space after ”, then two hyphens:


Click Apply. Now, when you use this shortcut to Chrome, goods out notes will be sent directly to the default printer.

Disable popups  

Printing in WMS uses popups which you can disable in your Chrome settings.

In the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser, click the 3 dots to expand the Chrome setting menu, and click "Settings":


On the left-hand side, click "Security and privacy", then scroll down to the "Content" section. Click into "Popups and redirects".

In the "Customized behavior" section, click "Add" next to "Not allowed to send pop-ups or use redirects":


Type in "[*.]" and click "Add":
Learn more on Google's help site here.

Troubleshooting auto printing  

You may encounter issues when trying to print. Symptoms may include:

  • Nothing prints

  • Items print on the wrong printer

The first symptom is often caused where a new printer has been connected - Chrome’s settings are still sending goods out packing notes to the old printer. The second may be because someone moved your printer or workstation.

With Chrome in kiosk printing mode and auto print active, you have no opportunity to change the printer or printer driver.

  1. You will have to reverse the settings above:
    1. Switch popups back on then close Chrome.
    2. Right click the Chrome for WMS shortcut and select Properties, then delete everything to the right of the final ". Apply your changes and close.
  2. Open Chrome
 and navigate to WMS. Then go to the goods out notes screen and print a goods out note.
  3. In the print preview, change the printer to the one you need, and print the goods out note to save the new printer settings.
  4. Reverse steps 1 and 2 by re-enabling silent printing and disabling popups.

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