Configuring Brightpearl for WMS

Brightpearl is the master system for most of the data used by WMS. Data is pulled from Brightpearl into WMS on a regular basis (usually overnight), so if you create or update data in Brightpearl be aware that the changes may not be reflected in WMS immediately.

The following records are used by WMS:

  • Warehouses
  • Warehouse zones
  • Warehouse locations
  • Products (see below for details)
  • Customers
  • Suppliers / Vendors
  • Team members / users
  • Sales order statuses
    See “delivery and stock statuses” for more detail
  • Sales credit statuses
    See “delivery and stock statuses” for more detail
  • Purchase Order statuses
    See “delivery and stock statuses” for more detail
  • Sales custom fields
    These are used in the packing process; a WMS user can update Brightpearl data.
  • Shipping methods
  • Document templates
    The template configuration you have in Brightpearl (Channel Branding, per shipping method) is used by WMS but if required, you can override this for shipping methods and channels in your WMS settings.

Location management

WMS makes use of item locations within a warehouse, which are optionally grouped into zones. An operator can receive the same SKU into different locations on different days, perhaps you only have limited space in the picking zone, and more space in bulk storage.

For this reason, it’s essential that Brightpearl is set to multiple-concurrent location management.

Scanning Goods Out Notes in WMS

If you want to be able to scan a printed goods out note in WMS, make sure you add the _gnShortBarcode_ widget to your templates.

You can also scan order IDs; add the _orderBarcode_ widget to your order templates.


The following product fields are used by WMS:

  • Name and options
  • SKU (and optionally, EAN, UPC and ISBN based on your WMS settings)
  • Barcode
  • Description
  • Images
  • Weight, dimensions and volume
  • Default and overflow stock locations

Data synchronization

Brightpearl is the master system for most setup data (things like order statuses, products and locations). Your WMS will pull data in from Brightpearl every night between 4am and 6am UTC. If you need data transferred sooner, please contact Brightpearl support for a manual update.

Transactional data (products, orders, customers, inventory levels and goods out notes) is pulled in from Brightpearl every time you load the appropriate page, or do a customer search. If you’ve updated a product in Brightpearl and need the latest information in WMS, search for that product in WMS and open the product detail page.

Additionally, when any Goods Out Note information changes in Brightpearl, WMS is updated automatically. For example; a user in Brightpearl back office deletes a GON created in error. It will be removed from WMS.

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