Logging in

Once you've been set up as a WMS user, you'll be able to log in at http://www.warewolf.co.uk.


  1. First, enter your Brightpearl account ID to tell WMS which company to access. Your account ID can be found at the bottom right-hand side of any page when you're logged in to the Brightpearl back office, but if you're unsure, ask your Brightpearl administrator.
  2. Once you’re on the company-specific login page, use your email address and password. If you use the Brightpearl back office, this will be same as your login to the back office.

Password resets

If you forget your password, go to the Brightpearl login screen to reset your password. Enter your account ID, and on the next screen click the "Forgotten your password?" link.

Enter your email address, complete the Captcha and click "Reset password" to be emailed a link to create a new password.


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