Variants : Adding products to an existing group

When you get a new variation for an existing product group (perhaps a new color), you'll need to add that option or option value into the existing group.

If a variation does not exist in a group it is seen as a checkbox on the variant management screen. These checkboxes can be used to create new products in a group.

missing variants

New option values can be added to a group by using the add options against the rows and columns.

New options can be added to the group using the choices at the bottom of the variant management screen.

Changing options on an existing group

If you want to replace "Red" with a new option "Deep Red", you'll need to manage the structure of the group. Removing "Red" will leave SKUs with missing options, which you'll need to reassign either manually or by importing a spreadsheet.

When working with large product groups we recommend managing changes to options using the product import.

How to change options

  1. Go to Products > List products / services.

  2. Search for the products. Take an export of the product details and associated inventory levels.

  3. Click the Actions button and select Edit Variants.

  4. The product group is displayed. Click the Remove link beside the relevant option.
    remove option

  5. Click OK to accept the warning.

  6. The option and all the option values will be removed. All remaining variants will say "No product exists". Each of the remaining option values must be reassigned to the products which are now listed below the variant table. Using the product export from earlier, select the correct option value for each product and then click the Assign options button to update.

    reassign options

  7. Notice that there are still the same number of products in the group. Removing options will not delete the products. But there are now no option values that can be assigned. There are several options:

    Delete the products - These products can only be deleted from the product list if they have no financial transactions or orders associated with them.

    Break the products away from the group - This can be done by changing the product name on those records. Ensure that when changing the names that the checkbox below the name is selected. If this is not selected then the name across the whole group will be changed.

    Assign new option or option values - When viewing the product group it is possible to add new option values or new options

    add option values


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