Magento OAuth2

In your Magento extension navigate to "Configuration" > "General" > "Brightpearl OAuth2 authorization". You will see that the new OAuth2 section is blank while Authorization status will show some details from previous authorization. You will need to re-authorize with OAuth2.

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Click on “Authorise now”. It will take you to the screen with a callback URL that you need to copy, and a link to OAuth UI which will authorize that URL. Please copy the callback URL to your clipboard, and open the link in new window.

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You will see two fields that you will need to fill out:

Account ID: your Brightpearl account ID

Store domain: this is the callback link that you copied on previous screen. Insert this link here.

Click “Install”


You will need to approve access to your Brightpearl account. Click “Approve”


To complete OAuth2 process click “Approve Authentication” button on the Magento authorization screen.

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You will receive a message confirming that you have authenticated with Brightpearl successfully.


After that you will need to run the import settings interaction to fetch the required configuration data.

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