Fulfilling direct from supplier (drop-ship)

Drop-shipping is where the supplier is asked to deliver the goods directly to the customer.

In Brightpearl, this process always begins with a sales order which is then fulfilled to a purchase order instead of a goods-out note. The purchase order is linked to the original sale.

How to create a drop-ship purchase order

In order to be able to create drop-ship purchase orders, you will first need to activate partial/advanced fulfillment by going to Settings > Products/inventory > Inventory settings and setting 'Split/partial fulfillment and drop-ship purchase orders' to 'Yes'.

You will also need to have your products linked to vendors, and have prices on those vendors' price lists.

Then to create a drop-ship purchase order:

  1. Look up the sale which needs to be fulfilled, and click Fulfill > Partial/advanced fulfillment
  2. Check the rows you need to drop-ship, and set the 'From' column to the vendors you wish to create the purchase orders for
  3. Set the 'Ship PO(s) to' field to 'Ship to customer'
  4. Click Create Purchase Orders/Goods notes - the page will refresh and you'll see a list of the created POs at the bottom of the screen
  5. Click into the purchase order(s) and email them to your vendor(s)

Here you can see we've selected two different vendors for the items on the sales order:


Tip: The price shown is what the supplier charges for that item, to help you choose the cheapest!

For more detailed information, please see the help center section about drop shipping.

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