Unreceiving items from purchase orders

Sometimes you will receive items in error - perhaps against the wrong purchase order, or the wrong items. There are two methods to deal with corrections related to receiving goods incorrectly.

You can only unreceive items on a purchase order when the specific items that were received are still on hand. If they are allocated or fulfilled (but not shipped), undoing the allocation and fulfillment will free the items up to be unreceived.

Note: The specific units that were received must still be on hand in order to be unreceived - if they're no longer in stock, but an equal number from another source are on hand, you will not be able to unreceive the items, as they are linked to that specific purchase order.

Unreceiving items on a purchase order

This method allows you to unreceive inventory from specific rows on a purchase order. It can only be used if the invoice has not been received on the order.

Unreceiving will remove the required number of items from stock and show them as un-received on the original order. When they do arrive they can be received as normal.

How to unreceive items on a purchase order

  1. Search for and open the purchase order.
  2. Click the [x] received link on any of the order rows:
    This will take you to the goods-in report.
  3. Select the item for which inventory should be unreceived.
  4. In the pop-up window, enter the quantity to be removed and click the Update inventory button.
    The items are removed from stock and are now waiting to be received on the order:

Deleting a goods-in note

Every time a batch of items is received on a purchase order, a goods-in entry is recorded.

A whole goods-in note, or batch, can be deleted to mark all the items as unreceived. Like unreceiving the specific items as described above, this will then show the items as unreceived on the original order so that they can be received as normal when they are delivered.

Use this method when the order is invoiced, or if you need to unreceive all items on the order.

How to delete a goods-in note

  1. Go to Products > Inventory detail and click "Show filter" to search for the items.

    Tip: You can use the "PO ref" field in addition to the product filters to find the exact units to be removed.

  2. Once you have located the item(s), click the red cross in the "Actions" column:
  3. Confirm that you wish to delete the batch/goods-in note in the pop-up window by clicking the Delete batch button.
    Text reads: About deleting a batch. All items received as part of this batch will be removed from your system. The batch contains all other items on the same Purchase Order that were received at the same time. Deleting a batch related to a Purchase Order will allow you to re-receive the goods on that Purchase Order. An accounting entry will be made to reverse the original entry created when the goods were first received.

Warning: Clicking the cross next to one row linked to the batch will remove all items linked to the batch. Only do this if you want to remove everything received in the batch!

Accounting for purchase order inventory corrections

When items are unreceived on a purchase order, the original accounting created when receiving the items is reversed.

  • The stock/inventory account (nominal) code is credited
  • The inventory received but not invoiced/inventory in transit account is debited

Learn more about accounting for goods-in here.

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