Accounting for landed costs

Landed costs can be allocated to items on purchase orders before or after they have been received into stock, but they must still be in stock. All the accounting for landed costs will happen automatically when the items are received into stock on a purchase, or when the landed costs are allocated to items already in stock. Different journals are expected depending on whether landed costs are allocated before or after the goods have been received into stock - the accounting can only be generated on the information known at the time, and adjustments are made for costs allocated later.

Note that once items have been sold all of the inventory and cost of goods sold accounting has been posted in Brightpearl. Landed costs for sold items will need to be manually entered into accounting.

Where landed costs have been allocated to on-order items the accounting for the charges will be included in the PG journal created when the items are received into stock. See Accounting journals - receiving inventory

Landed costs allocated later, to items which have already been received on the purchase order, are accounted for as an adjustment since the original cost price of the stock has already been accounted for.



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