FAQs about POS


Which countries and currencies are presently supported?

Both Brightpearl POS and Brightpearl itself support all regions and currencies. However, they are only available in English.

With regards to integrated payment gateways, the supported regions vary depending on the provider. Please refer to the individual payment gateways' documentation for more information on the regions and currencies they support at present.

A list of payment providers supported by Brightpearl can be found here.

How many products can I list on my POS store?

There is no restriction to the number of products you can sync to your POS app, but you may experience reduced performance if you exceed 30,000 products.

If needed, you can configure your POS settings to prevent certain product categories from your Brightpearl account from being synchronized over to your POS store.

Can I use Brightpearl POS with multiple stores?

Yes. You can configure individual stores from within your Brightpearl account. Within the settings, you can specify the price list, tax preferences, product range, payment methods and many more parameters for each store.

My customer needs an item that’s out of stock in the store. What are my options?

You can choose to:

  • deliver later from a different warehouse, or
  • back order the item via the Advanced Fulfillment options

My customer needs to arrange a delivery for large items. Can I help them?

Yes. Use the Advanced Fulfillment modal to arrange the items to be shipped to the customer.

Can my staff work more efficiently when picking a customer’s order?

Our POS now includes Product Inventory Detail, allowing you to see the exact location and stock of each item in the connected warehouses.

What are my search options?

You can search for:

  • a product
  • a product category
  • an offer

We are constantly working to add more search options.

Can I customize my receipts and print gift receipts?

Yes. The receipt format can be fully customized in the back office, and gift receipts can be printed for items you select.

Can I email the customer their receipt instead of or in addition to printing it?

Yes. You can both print and email the receipt, in any combination.

Can I disable receipt printing?

Yes. You can choose whether or not to print a receipt automatically, as well as whether to email the receipt to the customer’s email address automatically.

Is it possible to access Brightpearl sales history and retrieve a transaction?

Yes. As long as you're connected to the internet, you can access your Brighpearl sales history (for every channel) via Brightpearl POS and retrieve any transaction by looking it up using any of:

  • the POS receipt number
  • the Brightpearl order reference
  • the Brightpearl order ID
  • any of the customer’s searchable details (name, address, postcode, telephone number, email)

Can I use Brightpearl POS to fulfill an order that was placed through a marketplace, my webstore or over the phone in store?

Yes! With the BOPIS (Buy Online Pick up In Store) "Click and Collect" functionality you can look up any sale through POS and mark it as fulfilled.

Can I apply discounts and offers to the customer’s basket?

Yes. Your discounts and offers can be set up in the back office and then applied to the basket with a couple of taps.

What kind of discounts can I apply to a sale?

You can discount sales in the following ways:

  • apply an item line discount
  • set a specific unit price for an item
  • apply a basket-wide discount
  • apply a customer profile discount.

Can I apply a product discount independently or change their price just for this sale?

Yes. Provided you have the required permission, a discount can be applied to the whole basket or to a single item. You can also adjust the item’s price.

Is there a way I can control the discount margin that a staff member can apply?

Yes, there is. You can configure the maximum discount percentage each staff member can apply.

How is inventory checked and updated before, during and after a sale?

Inventory is updated in real time, every time you:

  • look up a product
  • add a product to the basket
  • change a product's quantity
  • complete a transaction

What about reporting on POS transactions?

All POS transactions become available in the back office instantly and can be reported on using Brightpearl's usual sales reports.

Can I check on product information while working in POS?

Yes. You can see a product’s name, variants, image, brand, category and barcodes from within POS, as well as the product’s inventory across all connected warehouses.


Can I access my customer’s profile information in POS?

Yes. You can access a customer's full name, company, email address, phone number and postal addresses from within POS.

How do I add a new customer in POS?

You can add a customer via the main screen, in the delivery modal or even once a transaction is complete. Learn more about adding new customers here.

How can I look up a customer?

Customers can be looked up using their name, part of their address, part of their email address or their telephone number.

Can I apply a customer’s price list and/or profile discount to the sale?

Yes. Once a customer has been added to a sale, you can select to use their profile’s price list and/or customer-specific discount.

Can I use the customer’s details to look up an old sale?

Yes. You can use the customer's details or the receipt ID (keyed in or directly scanned) to look up an old sale.


Which payment methods are currently accepted?

Brightpearl POS accepts cash payments, store exchanges and has card integrations with several payment providers.

We are frequently adding new methods, so click here for the latest info on supported payment gateways.

Can I split a payment?

Yes. You can split a payment in the checkout screen, and you can choose any of the available payment methods for each split.

Is it possible to accept partial payments or deposits?

Yes. You can choose to accept an amount less than the order total and keep the outstanding amount for the customer to settle later.

Do I need to change card payment gateways?

No. We integrate directly with PayPal Here, Zettle, Adyen and USAePAY at the moment, and are always assessing others.

However, using one of these payment gateways is not compulsory. You can create and use as many payment methods per store as you need, and continue to track all the payments and accounting within Brightpearl.

Can I process refunds and exchanges?

Yes. Everything takes place within a single cart. Any items with a negative quantity are considered returned, and you can capture customized return reasons for each order to help improve service later.

To turn a return into an exchange, simply add the replacement item in the same cart. When the exchange hits Brightpearl, it’ll be properly recognized as both a sale and a credit.

Can I accept a discount code with a higher value than the basket and write off the remaining amount?

Yes. When applying the code, Brightpearl POS allows you to automatically adjust the discount amount to the basket amount to tender.

Staff and user accounts

Where can I find detailed information and step-by-step manuals on how to use POS?

You can find lots of information about POS features as well as detailed how-tos in the Brightpearl help center.  

How long will it take to train my staff?

Brightpearl POS is very intuitive, and there are no complicated or long-winded processes. Some of our customers have quoted “a matter of minutes”!

Can I have different permissions for staff members and managers?

Yes. When setting up a user for POS, you can choose whether they have the basic set of permissions as a staff member or the advanced set as a manager.

What if a staff member needs to complete an action that they don't have permission to do?

POS will display a popup message requiring any of the managers that are set up for the store to log in and provide approval for the action.

Setup and updates

How long does it take to set up POS and what do I need to do?

Setting up POS only takes a few minutes, and you will only be asked to log in.

What options do I have to configure each store?

The store configuration options include:

  • selecting price lists
  • setting tax schemes
  • choosing the product rage
  • choosing the payment methods
  • choosing the warehouses to use for inventory inquiries
  • activating advanced fulfillment options
  • choosing shipping methods
  • designing receipt layouts

Learn more about configuring your POS store here.

Do I need to do anything to migrate my data (e.g. products, customers etc) from the back office to POS?

No. All your data is synced over when you set up your store in POS for the first time. All updates are from that point are made in real time.

Who can log into POS?

Any staff member can log into POS as long as their staff account has been assigned a permissions profile and PIN in the back office.

How do I receive software updates?

The easiest way is to set your iPad to receive automatic app updates. Alternatively, you can check Apple's App Store for updates.

Can I have a POS training session?

Once you have downloaded the app then you can take a tour of POS in demo mode accessible from the initial screen.

Additionally, we have a Professional Services team who can train you and your staff. Please contact us for more information.


What devices and operating systems does POS run on?

The Brightpearl POS app can be run in any iPad supporting iOS 11 or above, as well as iPadOS:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro (11-inch, 10.5-inch, 9.7-inch)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad (5th, 6th, 7th generation)
  • iPad mini (2, 3, 4, 5th generation).

What hardware is available for me and where can I buy it?

You can find the compatible devices and where to buy them from here.

Do you offer hardware setup help?

Every step of the POS hardware setup is described in the Brightpearl POS help center, but if you need further support, please contact our Support department.

Offline mode and portability

Does Brightpearl POS work offline?

Yes. You can take orders while you're on the move and sync them with Brightpearl when you’re next online.

You do need online access to unlock the full features of Brightpearl POS, but offline mode gives you the essential functionality that will tide you over until you next get connected.

Can I take it with me to trade shows?

Yes. Brightpearl POS is the perfect solution for trade shows. Our POS is designed to be customer-facing and mobile, so you can take it with you anywhere and get started with minimal hardware.


How do I access support and training documents?

You can access the Brightpearl POS help center and the Brightpearl POS community anytime and from anywhere.

Who do I contact for product support?

Contact our Support team by raising a ticket or calling in.

Telephone support is available to all customers during the supported hours (Monday-Friday): GMT/BST: 9:00am-12:00am, EST: 4:00am-7:00pm.

Contact information can be found here.


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