Introduction to returns and exchanges

Returns, refunds and exchanges are handled in Brightpearl using Sales Credits, which are the inverse of a Sales Order.

Note these instructions relate to return management just within Brightpearl back office. For returns with POS or WMS, see the relevant documentation.

Refunding without receiving goods

If a customer calls with a complaint or problem, you can refund money without needing to receive goods in return. The original sale will be closed and invoiced, so don't refund from there otherwise the sale will become part-paid.

Create a new Sales Credit, with a miscellaneous line to describe the nature of the refund. Then create a Customer Payment from within the Sales Credit.

Refunding for returned goods

Create a Sales Credit, but this time put inventory items onto it. The best way to create the Credit is by cloning lines from the original Sales Order.

In addition to being able to refund via Customer Payments, you'll have the ability to receive inventory when it arrives from the customer.

Receiving goods

Goods received from a customer (via a Sales Credit) can be:

  • Re-stocked,
  • Written off, or
  • Put into quarantine

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An exchange is handled by creating a Sales Credit to receive old items in, and a new Sales Order to handle sending replacement items out.

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