Drop-shipping for another company

If you are the drop-shipper, you will be receiving orders from a third party that you have to ship out to their customer.

When you send out the goods you may want to produce a goods-out note using the third party logo and company details. At some point you will also need to invoice the third party since the customer will likely have made payment directly to them along with the order.



When you are sent the orders from the retailer, you need to enter them into Brightpearl.

This can be done manually, on-by-one, or they can be imported using a spreadsheet. Since all the invoices will need to go to the retailer so you can receive your money, you will need to set the retailer up as a customer in Brightpearl and raise all the orders against them. Do not create a customer for each order.

To ensure the items are delivered to the customer you will need to make the delivery address on each sales order the actual customer's details.


A drop-ship order in Brightpearl will follow the usual fulfill, print, pick, pack and ship process.

You can use your usual goods out note template, but it's likely you'll want something specifically for this type of delivery. For example, you may be required to send the goods under the alias of the retailer; customers can be unaware there was a middleman involved at all.

You can design a template specifically for these shipments which can use different branding (including a logo, company name, address and email address).

By using channel brands you can ensure the correct template is used automatically. If you set up a channel brand (along with a sales channel) you will need to select that channel on the drop-ship orders.

Invoicing the retailer

You will need to invoice each individual order to ensure all the necessary accounting is created.

This will update the retailer's account balance.

You can print or email these individual invoices to the retailer. You will also be able to send them a statement which lists all outstanding invoices and the overall balance.

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