Payment methods

A payment method is a way of telling Brightpearl how an order was paid and what accounting should be created - for example, 'Cash' or 'Credit card'.

Payment methods are used for:

  • Recording how a payment was taken against an order.
  • Ensuring the accounting is entered in the correct bank account.
  • Opening a payment gateway from an order to process a payment.

Before a payment can be entered from within an order, at least one payment method must exist.

How to add a payment method

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Payment methods.
  2. Click to add a new payment method. This will bring up a modal window:
    mceclip0.pngThe fields are as follows:


    • Name: The name of the payment method, displayed around Brightpearl.

    • Code: A short, unique code used to match the payment method when using apps.

    • Link to a payment gateway: Linking a payment gateway app will trigger the payment processing window to display when this payment method is selected.

    • Bank account: Specify which bank account code the accounting should be posted to, per currency.
      If a foreign currency bank isn't set but a base currency one is, the system will use the base currency one for foreign currency payments.

  3. Save the payment method.

Bank accounts

A bank account is a nominal code in Brightpearl which records money as a current asset. 

If a payment method does not have a bank account, the order will still be marked as paid, but no accounting entries will be made for that payment.

A payment method can be connected to one bank account per currency - so a single payment method may use Account A for GBP transactions and Account B for USD ones.

If you're only transacting in one currency, you only need to add one bank account to each payment method. If you're working with multiple currencies, the setup for your payment method will depend on whether that payment provider can hold funds in multiple currencies.

Example 1:

You are a USD merchant. Your credit card processor can take payments in USD and CAD. They provide you with separate balances for each currency, and do not convert between the two unless you request them to.

In this situation you would create one payment method called "Credit Card" and set a USD bank account for the USD currency, and a CAD bank account for the CAD currency. Your bank account list in Brightpearl will show separate balances for USD and CAD.

Example 2:

You are a USD merchant. You have a credit card processor that will accept funds in any currency, but will convert into your base currency (USD) for every foreign transaction. Your payouts are always in USD.

In this situation, create one payment method called "Credit Card" and only set the USD bank account. A Canadian Dollar payment taken against a CAD order, will be entered against the USD bank account, in CAD. 

Learn more about the accounting behind multi-currency here.

Editing payment methods

The following details can be edited:

  • Name: Editing the name will cause all historical order payments to go by the new name.
  • This payment method is active: Used  to activate/deactivate the payment method. Only active payment methods are available for processing payments.
  • Link to payment gateway: This can be changed to change whether or not the payment method uses a payment gateway or not.
  • Bank accounts: Changing the bank account selection changes where accounting is posted. This will only affect payments entered after the changes are saved.

If a different code is desired, then the payment method will need to be deleted and re-added. If the method has already been used then it can be deactivated before the new payment method is created.

Warning: If a payment method is no longer in use, it should not be edited to be repurposed, as that will affect historical order payments. It is best practice to deactivate any unneeded payment methods, and create a new method instead.

Deleting / deactivating payment methods

Once a payment method has been used (i.e. order payments exist), it can not be deleted, only deactivated.

An inactive payment method will not be displayed as an option when payments are entered against orders. All historical order payments will continue to be reported with the inactive payment method name.

Note: If a payment is sent via the API using an inactive payment method code, it will still be used.

Payment gateways

A payment gateway app allows payments to be processed via a payment provider directly within Brightpearl. Once the payment gateway has been installed and configured it must be linked to a payment method in Brightpearl.

The payment method indicates which bank account should be used for the accounting and also activates the payment processing portal.

When taking payment on a sales order, selecting a payment method which is linked to a payment gateway will trigger the payment processing gateway to be displayed so that the payment can be processed.

Once the payment has been processed via the gateway, the order payment status will be automatically updated.

The order payment will be listed on at Sales > Order payments.

Note: Payment gateways are not active for purchase orders.


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