Exporting prices and price lists

Exporting all items

It is possible to export a complete list of all products in a format which is ready for updating and re-importing at Settings > Products/Inventory > Price lists :

exprort prices

Exporting a price list

Alternatively you can export just one price list to Excel or CSV. A specific price list export will list each product which has a price on that list, even if it is zero (where prices are blank, the product is not exported):

export price list

Exporting a selection of products

You can use the filters on the product list to export only a subsection of your products. By default, only one price list is shown on the product list - it's the one that is set as "default price list for new customers".

Change the price list(s) shown using the filter section.

Note : if you're exporting from the product list, any price lists set to "show including tax" will have tax or VAT added, and if you are going to re-import you'll need to ensure your prices are all excluding tax.

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