Exporting prices and price lists

There are several ways to export prices, depending on your needs.

Exporting an individual price list

You can export just one price list in either XLS or CSV format from Settings > Products/inventory > Price lists, by clicking on the Excel or page icon in the 'Actions' menu:

export price list

A specific price list export will list each product which has a price on that list, even if it is zero.

Note: If the product is not on the price list at all, it will not be included in the export.

Exporting prices via the product list

You can use the product list, under Products > List products/services, to export multiple prices at once.

By default, only one price list is shown on the product list - the one that is set as "default price list for new customers" under Settings > Contacts > Contact defaults.

However, if you click 'Show filter', you can select a different price list, or multiple, under the 'Display prices' filter:


Filtering the report will then display all the selected price lists on screen:


And all selected price lists will appear in any generated export.

Note: If you're exporting from the product list for the purposes of updating prices, any price lists set to "show including tax" will have tax or VAT added on top. All prices must be imported without tax, so remember to calculate the net value if you are going to reimport them!

Exporting products to build new price lists

If you're building a new price list, it is possible to export a complete list of all products in a format which is ready for updating and re-importing at Settings > Products/Inventory > Price lists:

exprort prices

The product ID, product name and SKU will be the only columns exported using this method, making it easy to fill in the rest of the information.

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