Barcodes on templates

It is possible to add a number of different kinds of barcodes to your templates. This guide goes through the different kinds.

You will need to set your barcode label type as "Code 128" at Settings > Other > Labels.

Order barcodes

A barcode representing the order ID can be added to invoice and goods out note templates by adding the _barcode_ widget.

This barcode will always be 14 characters long. If the template is generated by clicking Email/Print on an order, the barcode will contain the order ID within the first 8 characters and be suffixed by 6 zeroes. If the template is generated by clicking into the goods out note, the first 8 characters will be the same, but the last 6 characters will contain the goods note ID.

For example, if your order ID was SO#1234 and your goods note ID was 5678, the barcode will read "00001234000000" when clicking Email/Print and "00001234005678" when viewing the goods out note.

Goods out note barcodes

When using Brightpearl WMS, add the _gnShortBarcode_ widget to your goods out note template to enable scanning of the GON into WMS, or into carrier platforms like ShipStation.

The _gnShortBarcode_ widget contains the goods note ID.

You can also use the _gnBarcode_ widget, which also contains the goods note ID, but prefixed with a one and a number of zeroes to make the barcode 10 digits long.

For example, if your goods note ID was 5678, the _gnShortBarcode_ widget will bring up "5678" while the _gnBarcode_ widget will bring up "1000005678".

Product barcodes

You can also show a barcode for each item in the product table on a goods-out note. You will need to configure custom columns on the goods-out template by including the _productTable_ widget with the column code "barcode" to display it inline with it.

The "barcode" column will display the contents of the "barcode" field on a product record.

If there is nothing in the "barcode" field, you can enable the "Use Product ID for barcode where barcode field is blank" setting under Settings > Other > Labels to generate barcodes using the product ID instead.

barcode packing note

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