Overview of users, permissions and teams

Brightpearl records staff members as contacts in your CRM, with a few extra details. View the list of staff members at Settings > Staff / Users > List staff.


Via the staff list, Brightpearl users can be given access to:

  • Back office (the main Brightpearl application)
  • Web based EPOS
  • iPad POS
  • WMS (also known as Warewolf)

Other apps will have their own ways of adding and authenticating users.

Read more about adding users.


Fine-grained control over user permissions for Back Office can be set up via the Permissions link on the staff list.

For POS and WMS, the user role affects what they can do in those apps.

Read more about user permissions.


Users can be assigned to one or more teams (a manager might be assigned to all teams).

Customers, Sales and Purchases can be assigned to those teams. Staff members will only be able to see data that is assigned to one of their teams, or data that has not been assigned to any team.

Read more about teams.

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