Back office settings for advanced fulfillment

In order to use the advanced fulfillment functionality, you'll have to configure some settings in Brightpearl's back office. These settings will allow you to customize your preferences and tailor POS's fulfillment behavior to your specific business needs.

The settings can be found under Settings > Brightpearl POS > Store settings > {Select to edit a store} > Warehouse Settings. In this section you'll find the following settings:

Enable advanced fulfillment


Set "Enabled advanced fulfillment" to "Yes" to activate the advanced fulfillment functionality.

Warehouses for advanced fulfillment


Choose which warehouses can be used to fulfill orders using advanced fulfillment.

Allow back orders


This setting controls whether back orders are allowed (for products that are out of stock in all potential warehouses). 

Shipping methods for advanced fulfillment


Choose which shipping methods your staff can pick from when fulfilling an order.

Require confirmation of fulfillment summary


This setting controls whether your staff must read a fulfillment summary back to the customer before taking payment.

Set a new order status when stock allocation fails


Choose whether to change the order status of orders that could not be allocated using advanced fulfillment, and which order status they should be changed to.

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