Creating and updating products and services

Products and services can be created and updated in several ways:

One by one in the Brightpearl interface

Products can be created or edited one-by-one. You can also clone one product to another if the items you're creating are similar.

Batch update

To update multiple products in a batch, select them from the product list and use the batch actions at the top of the screen.


You can import a spreadsheet of items; if the SKU (or ID) already exists in Brightpearl the item will be updated. If a SKU is not found then a new item can be created.

Read more about importing products here.

Sales channels

Our Shopify and BigCommerce apps allow products which exist on those platforms to be downloaded into Brightpearl. Once downloaded, those items will need to be maintained in both systems - only price and inventory levels are managed automatically across channels by Brightpearl.


You can also use the Brightpearl API to create products. 

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