Creating and updating products and services

Products and services can be created and updated in several ways:

Creating new products

Products can be created or edited one-by-one. You can also clone one product to another if the items you're creating are similar.

Adding a new product

Click Products > New product/service on the menu at the top of the page, or click the quick-add button on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.

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You will be taken to a screen containing a blank product record, which you can then fill in.


Once you have entered all the required information, click 'Save changes' on the top right hand side to create the product.

Learn more about the fields on a product record.

Cloning products

To clone a product, go to Products > List products/services and click into the product you want to clone. Once in the product record, you can either make any changes you need to before clicking 'Save as copy', or click 'Save as copy' straight away and make the changes afterwards. 


Importing products

You can create a spreadsheet in order to import products in bulk under Settings > Data/Import > Import products. This involves creating a .xls file which can be populated with the required information, then uploading it into the system.

Read more about importing new products here.

Sales channels

Our Shopify and Bigcommerce apps allow products which exist on those platforms to be downloaded into Brightpearl. Once downloaded, those items will need to be maintained in both systems - only price and inventory levels are managed automatically across channels by Brightpearl.

Read more about importing products from Shopify here and Bigcommerce here.


You can also use the Brightpearl API to create products. See our API documentation here.

Updating products in bulk

Batch updating

To update multiple products in a batch, select them from the product list and use the batch actions at the top of the screen.


There are a number of actions which can be performed in bulk:

Action Description
Set product type

Allows you to update the product type of multiple products at once.

Learn more about product types.

Set vendor (supplier)

Allows you to assign a vendor (supplier) to multiple products at once.

Learn more about assigning vendors to products.

Set brand

Allows you to assign a brand to multiple products at once. This will override the products' previous brands.

Set re-order level, set re-order quantity

Allows you to assign a re-order level and quantity to multiple products at once. These fields are used to determine when inventory should be re-ordered.

Learn more about re-ordering inventory.

Set overflow location

Allows you to set an overflow location for multiple products at once.

Set manage stock

Allows you to change products from being stock tracked to being non-stock tracked, as well as the other way around.

Set product status

Allows you to set the product status of multiple products at once.

Learn more about product statuses.

Set grid entry

Allows you to choose whether variant products should be displayed in a grid when being added to orders.

Learn more about grid entry.

Move/copy to category

Allows you to set the category of multiple products at once. You can choose whether to move them from one category to another or simply assign them another category.

Learn more about categories.

Using the batch update functionality, you can also delete multiple products at once, or print labels for multiple products.

Read more about label printing here.


You can use the import functionality under Settings > Data/Import > Import products to update products in bulk too. If the SKU (or product ID) already exists in Brightpearl the item will be updated.

Read more about updating products using an import here.

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