Sales order statuses and sales workflow

Sales statuses are used to represent the stage the order has reached in your sales cycle.

Lists and reports can be filtered to include or exclude orders of any status.

Create and manage your statuses at Settings > Sales > Sales statuses.

sales order status suggested

Best practice is to manage the detailed stages within "Processing" using the "allocation status", "fulfil status", "payment status" and "ship status" - which are updated automatically by Brightpearl based on order data. Don't create order statuses to represent these stages.

Similarly, it's not recommended to create statuses to segment orders between channels. All orders usually go through a similar workflow once they have arrived from a channel; to segment by channel, use the "channel" filter on reports and lists.

Sales workflow settings

Order statuses can be updated manually at any time, or using workflow rules found in Settings > Sales > Sales workflow:

  • New order

    When a new sales order is added by a user it will be assigned this status. This applies only to orders manually added by a user. Each channel can also have its own order status defined in the channel settings.

  • Cancelled status

    This status indicates that the order is cancelled. An order on this status will automatically be excluded from sales reporting.

  • When a Quote/Order is emailed, update the status to

    If an email is sent from the order the status will automatically be updated to this status.

  • When a Quote/Order is marked as approved, update to

    If an order is marked as approved, either by a user in back office, or by a customer via the web portal, this status will be automatically assigned.

  • When invoiced, update the sale to

    When the order is marked as invoiced the status will be automatically updated to this status.

  • Create back orders on status

    When items are split from the original sales order the new order will automatically be assigned this status. This status can also be manually assigned to an entire order without splitting.

Sales status reminder days

Remind days can be assigned to statuses. This enables Brightpearl to provide notifications when the status hasn't been updated for a period of time. Notifications will appear on the notification tool bar on the left hand side of the screen.

sales order status notification

Email notifications for status changes

An email address can be assigned to a status so that each time an order is placed on that status someone is alerted via email. Custom text can be added to the status which will appear in every email.

sales order status email update

Public sales statuses

If a sales status is set as public, orders on that status can be viewed by customers logging into the web portal. Orders which are on private statuses will be hidden in the portal and only visible to users in Brightpearl.

Hidden statuses

If a status is no longer needed it should be hidden so that it can't be assigned to orders and is not available for filtering, but it does not require any orders already on this status to be changed. Use this option instead of deleting statuses which have already been used.

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