Reports, data lists, filters and preset views

Brightpearl has a number of reports, all of which can be filtered. Some reports display aggregated information, such as the Sales by Channel report, while others display data in lists, such as the sales list or customer list.

The lists can be found in the relevant menu for the module while more specific reports can be found in the Reports menu.


Every report can be filtered to allow you to narrow down the displayed results or perform an advanced search.

To access the filter, click "Show filter" while viewing your report. Make your selections, then click the "Filter" button:


Filters can also be applied by clicking on details directly within the listed results. For example, if you have a list of purchases and would like to see only those to a particular vendor all you need to do is click on their name in the list.


Configuring columns

Where available, columns can be customized to provide a personalized view and relevant information. Find the option to configure columns within the filters:


Drag the columns you wish to see from the right-hand side to the left-hand side, then click "Update columns". Remember to click "Filter" to display the new columns.


Sort your results by clicking on any heading that displays two arrows. Click once to sort in ascending order, click again to sort in descending order. When a list is sorted by a column you will see the heading highlighted.


Preset views

Preset views are used to save personalized screen views. A preset view will save the filters and columns so that you can access the same report filtered the same way without having to apply filters and columns each time.

To save a new preset, apply the screen filters, columns and sorting, then choose "Save as a new preset" within the filters section.

save preset

To recall a preset view select it at the top of the screen:

select preset

Learn more about configurable columns, filters and preset views here.

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