How to find help and keep up to date

You can find help on-screen within Brightpearl, on our Help Center website and on our YouTube channel.

Keep up to speed on Brightpearl as a company by following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog RSS feeds.

Make sure to read our release notes so that you know what's new in every upgrade.

Help center

You can find out a lot about using and setting up Brightpearl with our online documentation. It's all free and accessible any time you need it. Use the Support link at the bottom of every Brightpearl screen to open the search page in your browser.

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YouTube channel

We've got a selection of videos to help you learn how to use Brightpearl. You'll often find these within the relevant help guide on our website, but you can browse and search all our videos on our YouTube channel. Use the icon at the bottom of any Brightpearl page to navigate directly our channel on YouTube.

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Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Use the icons at the bottom of any Brightpearl screen to navigate directly to our pages on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Use RSS feed to subscribe to our blog.

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If you need more help you can raise a ticket with the Brightpearl Support team and someone will give a personal response. If you are having problems on a specific screen they may ask you for the RUID code which helps us trace any problems better. You can find this code by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right of the screen.


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