Commercial invoices

A commercial invoice is a document that contains customs information which is used when shipping goods overseas.

The information is now a requirement since the implementation of Brexit and must accompany all transactions outside of the UK. 

Generating commercial invoices in Brightpearl

In order to create this template you will need to set up some custom fields against the products to hold the information that's required, then use template configuration options to pull that data across.

You can use one of the default invoice templates provided by Brightpearl as the basis for creating a commercial invoice.

How to create a default invoice template

  1. Go to Settings > Templates > Document templates
  2. Select 'Add a template'
  3. Choose a default invoice template format from the drop down called 'Choose a pre-designed template'.
  4. Name your template and select 'Save Changes'

Learn more about creating and editing templates.

Product custom fields

Once you have completed these steps you'll need to add the fields that are required for a commercial invoice as product custom fields in Brightpearl.

These will usually include:

  • HS code (also known as a commodity code)
  • Country of origin
  • The company VAT/EORI number

The process of creating product custom fields is described in this article.

Adding custom fields to your template

Once you've set up your product custom fields you will need to add these to the product table on your invoice template.

The order of your columns and your column headers can be set to your own preferences. Learn how customize the product table here.

Adding your information to your products

Once you've added your custom fields on your commercial invoice template you will need to add the specific product information for it to show on your commercial invoice.

This can be done in bulk as a product update import. Learn how to update products via an import here.

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