eBay internet tax

eBay has changed the way it collects sales tax on transactions made to buyers located in more than 30 states, due to new laws that enforce the tax collection obligation to marketplaces (known as Marketplace Facilitator laws). This means that eBay will collect and remit this sales tax to the proper taxing authority on the sellers’ behalf. 

It also appears that this change will shift payment-processing fees to sellers.

Previously, the buyer saw the sales tax on their checkout page and order details, but in PayPal the payment was divided into two transactions. The seller gets the purchase price and shipping, and eBay gets the sales tax. Starting from November 1st, it will start showing up as a single transaction in PayPal. The tax will be included in the payment amount, not charged separately.

Will Brightpearl record internet tax captured by eBay? 

No. Order payment information will import without the sales tax amount collected by eBay. This ensures match between the total amount paid and order total.

Does the same logic apply to changes to VAT import regulations for the UK and EU?

Yes. Brightpearl will not be capturing VAT data collected and remitted by eBay. Read more about the change here. 

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