Amazon withheld tax

Amazon provide a Marketplace Tax Collection service in some US States and on sale to UK customers (following Brexit). It means that Amazon remits TAX/VAT and submits to the appropriate authorities on sellers' behalf. This money never goes to sellers bank account and should not be accounted for. 

Will the withheld tax be shown on Amazon orders in Brightpearl? 

No. Brightpearl will not record Amazon withheld tax and keep the orders fully paid without requiring a separate payment method for the remittance. 

Here is how this work

1. The order is downloaded to Brightpearl.
2. If the order has tax/VAT withheld, the tax will not be mentioned.
3. When the payment downloads, there will be no payment method created for withheld tax.
4. This will mean that the “order total” will be equal to “order paid”, and neither will include withheld tax.
5. You will only account for the moneys that hit your bank account.
If you need the withheld tax information, you can always see it in Seller Central.

Does the same logic apply to changes to VAT import regulations for the UK and EU? 

Yes. Brightpearl will not be capturing VAT data collected and remitted by Amazon. Read more about the change here. 


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