Reauthorizing your expired eBay token

There is a possibility that the token used to communicate between Brightpearl and your eBay store will expire after a period of time. The expiry can either be due to the age of the token being used (they generally last for a year), or due to your eBay credentials having changed.

When a token expires, the connection between Brightpearl and eBay will break and you will notice orders will stop downloading.

There will also be a channel alert present letting you know the token has expired:


When this happens you’ll need to reauthorize the token from your Channel settings in Brightpearl.

How to reauthorize your token

In Brightpearl, go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > eBay to view a list of your connected eBay stores.

Click the pencil next to the store with the expired token to open a modal window:


Scroll to the very bottom of this popup and click on the grey "Authorize with eBay" button:


You'll be redirected to eBay to enter your login credentials and the connection between Brightpearl and your eBay channel should be restored.

Warning: Do not check the "Sandbox" checkbox before clicking "Authorize with eBay"!

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