Lead times and delivery date

Lead times are used to automatically set the delivery date on new purchase orders.

Supplier lead time (days)

A lead time is set on the supplier record so that any purchase orders created for that individual supplier will be automatically given a delivery date in the future.


If a contact is one of many at a company, the lead times will need to be recorded against individual.

Where the supplier has no lead time set, the default lead time days will be used.

Default lead time (days)

The system default number of lead time days is 7 days. This can be changed at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.


PO delivery date

When a purchase order is raised, the delivery date will be calculated as the created date plus the supplier lead time days. If the supplier has no lead time days set, the default in purchase settings will be used.

The delivery date can be manually set on a purchase order at any time.

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