Shipping charges

A shipping charge is the amount a customer is paying for shipping and delivery. The shipping charge can be added to a new order in a number of ways:

  • Manually typed
  • Using a predefined non-stock tracked product
  • Using Brightpearl shipping method (shipping prices/quotes)
  • Using a carrier app

Showing a shipping charge on an order

Shipping charges are always shown on an order using an order row. A shipping charge can be added by manually typing the details or by selecting a predefined non-stock tracked product.

Orders which are created via an integrated sales channel will always show shipping charges as a separate order row.


How to add a shipping charge to an order

  1. Within the order, add a new order row.
  2. If shipping charges exist as non-stock tracked products, search for and add the relevant item.
  3. Alternatively, to add a manual shipping charge, type the shipping charge and any other descriptive details onto the order row.
  4. Select the shipping account code (will vary depending on accounting configuration).
  5. Select the tax code.
  6. Specify the amount charged or whether there is any discount to the standard price.

How to create a shipping charge as a non-stock tracked product

  1. Go to Products > New product/service.
  2. On the 'Info' tab, give the product a name that is descriptive of the shipping charge and a unique SKU.
  3. On the 'Stock/Inventory' tab, set 'Manage inventory levels for this item' to 'No'.
  4. On the 'Prices' tab, enter a price for the shipping charge against the relevant price lists. Make sure to set the sell code and the tax code if different from the defaults.
  5. Save changes.

Adding a shipping charge using a shipping method

Using the Brightpearl shipping prices/quotes table it is possible to see which shipping methods and the related charges that are applicable to an order.

The shipping methods and prices available are based on the delivery address and the break value. Selecting a shipping price/quote will assign both the shipping method and the shipping charge to the order.

Shipping quotes will need to be activated at Settings > Sales > Sales settings: Show shipping quote on order edit screen.


Once activated, the shipping quote table will be shown at the bottom of the sales order screen. Only shipping methods available for the order, based on delivery country (shipping zone) and break value (shipping breaks) will be displayed. When a shipping quote is selected, the order shipping method field will be set and the charge added as a new order row.


Configuring shipping prices/quotes

The shipping prices/quotes section on a sales order will show only the shipping methods available for the order based on delivery country and order value. This is all controlled using:

  • Shipping method controls the delivery countries the prices/quotes are available for and the price breaks. A shipping method will only be shown in the price/quote section if the order delivery country is assigned to the shipping method. It will not restrict the method from being manually assigned in the shipping method field on an order or goods-out note. Price breaks allow for different shipping charges to be quoted depending on the total order value, weight or number of items.
  • Shipping zone controls the countries in which certain prices apply.
  • Shipping prices are set per break per shipping zone for each shipping method.

How to configure shipping methods, zones and prices

Shipping methods

    1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping methods.
    2. Click to edit the relevant shipping method.
    3. Define the allowed countries by entering a comma separated list of the two character country ISO codes. Leave blank to offer the shipping method for all delivery countries.
    4. Select the break type to specify whether prices increment by total order weight, price or number of items.
    5. Enter a comma separated list of price breaks. For each break entered, a shipping price can be defined. Read more about how to use price breaks below.
    6. Require weight/boxes in warehouse manager is now an obsolete field.


    7. Save the shipping method.

Shipping zones

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping zones.
  2. Click Add shipping zone.
  3. Enter a zone name and list the countries the zone covers. Prices can be set for the zone and will apply to all the listed countries.


  4. Save the shipping zone.

Shipping prices

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping prices.
  2. Select the shipping method to set prices for.
  3. Enter pricing for each shipping zone and each price break.

    Note: All shipping prices are entered net of tax. Tax will be calculated on the order as per the tax code assigned.

    The quick add price boxes can be used to define prices which can then be copied down to a shipping zone.


  4. Save the shipping prices. The shipping prices/quotes can now be used on sales orders meeting the country and break conditions.

Using shipping price breaks

Shipping price breaks are defined on a shipping method to allow different shipping charges to be applied based on:

  • Price: the total order value
  • Weight: the total order weight. This relies on weights being set against products in a consistent way
  • #items: the total quantity of items

Price breaks are inclusive - when price breaks are entered, values to and including the entered value will incur the specified price.

A zero starting point is assumed on price breaks. There is no need to enter a zero price break.

If there is a top end shipping price which should be charged for anything beyond a certain point, enter a very high price break such as 9999999999 to capture everything.

Example shipping matrix

Break (type = weight (g)) Price ( Explanation
100 0.00 Any order weighing 0 - 100g will be offered free shipping
500 10.00 Any order weighing 100.01g - 500g will be offered shipping at 10.00
1000 15.00 Any order weighing 500.01g - 1000g will be offered shipping at 15.00
9999999999 20.00

Any order weighing more than 1000g (1000.01g plus) will be offered shipping at 20.00.

The assumption is that no order will reach the value of 9999999999. If an order does, there will be no price available.


How to set up and use the back-office shipping matrix in Brightpearl. Useful for telephone operators where your shipping charges are fixed by order weight, price or number of items.


Why isn't the shipping method showing in the quotes section when I expect it to?

Check price breaks. Price breaks apply up to and including price break value, assuming a starting point of zero. If the order falls outside of the last price break the shipping method is considered not available.

Check the country is not restricted on the shipping method. A shipping method/price will only be offered to the countries set on the shipping method. If none are set it is available to all countries.

Check that there are prices set for the shipping zone. Shipping zones control where prices are applicable. The country must be included on a shipping zone and shipping prices for the method must exist for that shipping zone.

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