Shipping methods

A shipping method can be set against a sales order, and it can also be set on a goods-out note.

Shipping methods help with:

  • Filtering sales orders and prioritizing fulfillment
  • Filtering goods-out notes and prioritizing picking, packing and shipping
  • Automatically applying the relevant goods-out note template (useful when a carrier requires a specific format)
  • Adding shipping charges to manually entered orders (see shipping prices/quotes)

Creating shipping methods

A shipping method in its simplest form is a name assigned to an order or goods-out note for filtering and sorting. Shipping methods, when used with shipping zones and shipping prices, can also be used to quote and assign shipping charges to sales orders.

Learn more about shipping charges using shipping methods and prices

How to create a shipping method

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping methods.
  2. Click Add shipping method.
  3. To make a simple shipping method to apply to orders and goods-out notes, make the only following entries:

    - Name - Enter the name of the shipping method as it should appear on sales and goods-out notes

    - Code - Enter a code for the shipping method

    The additional fields relate to using shipping prices/quotes.

  4. In the templates tab, select whether a specific template should be used for goods-out notes using this shipping method. Set one per channel brand. If left blank the channel brand template will be used.
  5. Save.

Assigning shipping method

Shipping methods are applied to both sales orders and goods-out notes in Brightpearl. 

The shipping method is set on a sales order in several ways:

  • Automatically when the order is created via an integrated sales channel
  • Manually when entering an order

The shipping method used for a goods-out note can be set in several ways:

  • Allow it to inherited the shipping method from the original sales order
  • Select a shipping method to assign at point of fulfillment
  • Re-assign on the goods-out note at point of packing

The shipping method set for a goods-out note will not update the shipping method on the sales order. A sales order can have multiple goods-out notes all with different shipping methods, but the sales order itself can only have a single shipping method.

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