New reports in React | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Which reports are going to be migrated into the React framework?

The majority of the Brightpearl reports will gradually become available in React. As a first step, we have started the release of Recent Sales and All Credits.

Is there a Beta program running and what does it include?

Yes, we are currently running the Beta program for Recent Sales and All Credits. You will be able to access the reports in beta version as additional links under the existing Recent Sales and All Credits links.

How can I join the Beta testing program?

You will be onboarded automatically during the beta testing period. However, you can contact our Support team or your Technical Account Manager if you would like to be immediately given access. 

What stays the same and what's new in the React reports?

Those new reports will have the overall same look and feel as the previous ones but are intended to be faster and offer you a wide range of upgrades in terms of features (you can check New reports in React | What's new in Recent Sales/All Credits for details).

What will change when the React reports are released as GA (Generally Available)?

Your existing links to those reports will automatically redirect you to the upgraded reports and you will no longer have the additional "BETA" marked links. 

Are presets migrated from the existing reports to the React reports?

All your existing presets (saved in the existing reports) will be automatically available in the React reports. There, you will be able to edit and save them as well as create new ones.

Will the in-app favourites work with React reports?

The in-app favourites are not supported as part of the React reports (currently accessible via the “Add to Favourites” option at the bottom left of the screen). All existing reports' presets are automatically available in the new reports and there you can update them and create new ones. Additionally, you can always bookmark/make a favourite page along with filters and sorting via your web browser.

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