Applying the customer's tax code

Adding a customer with a tax code 

Once you select to add a customer to the basket and that customer has a tax code associated with their profile, POS will automatically apply the customer's tax code to all the items in the basket (existing and added later).

  1. In this example, we already have a basket where the default POS store's tax code is 20% (this is a tax inclusive store) and the items do have any tax rules applied to them or specific product-level tax rates. So the tax applied to the entire basket is the POS store's default tax. 
  2. Tap on "Add customer profile", search for the customer and select them.
  3. POS notifies you that the selected customer has a set up tax code in their profile and that it will be applied to the basket items. In this case, the selected customer is exempt from tax (0%)
  4. If you select "Cancel" then the customer will not be added to the basket. 
  5. Once you confirm that the customer should be added to the basket, the basket's tax is recalculated according to the customer's profile. 

Removing a customer with a tax code 

If you remove a customer with a tax code from the POS basket, the basket items will automatically be taxed based on the hierarchy (applied from top to bottom):

  • Any active tax rules
  • The products' own tax codes
  • The store's default tax code.

In our example, we have the following items in the basket:

  • Red roses, which according to the tax rule set up are taxed with 50% (Made up tax)
  • Snow goggles, which have their own tax set up to 0% (Zero rated)
  • A hat, which is not rated, so it should be taxed with the store's default 20% (VAT).
  1. Before adding a customer, this basket looks like this:
  2. We add a customer who has 0% tax code:
  3. The items in the basket are all taxed with 0%:
  4. If we then tap on the customer's name and select "Remove", the items will return to their previous tax calculation as per the existing hierarchy:

Replacing a customer with a tax code with another customer 

As per the previous examples, when a customer that has a tax code is replaced by another customer we have two possible scenarios:

  • The new customer does not have a set up tax code. Then the items in the basket are taxed as per the standard rules hierarchy.
  • The new customer has a set up tax code. The user is informed about the customer's tax code and the items in the basket are taxed according to it. 

Viewing the customer's tax code at the customer modal

Once a customer is added to the basket, and they have a set up tax code in their account, you can check it out via the customer's profile.

  1. Tap on the customer's name, then "View/edit".
  2. The customer's tax code is listed under the customer details (code, name and rate).
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