Applying discount codes or promotions

Discount codes and promotions are two different kinds of offer available to use with Brightpearl POS.

A discount code is used to apply an offer when the customer presents a voucher or code to the cashier, while a promotion automatically applies a discount when a set of conditions is met - for example, when a specific group of products are added to the basket.

Brightpearl POS discounts and promotions can only be applied within POS.

Browse for offers

All available offers can be found using the search bar. Tap on "Products" to select what you're searching for, then pick "Offers".


Enter a text for search and then the results are returned. Discounts will display as red tiles and promotions as blue:


Offers applicable to the current basket can be found by tapping "Offers" within the basket. Offers which are redeemable as all conditions have been met can be immediately applied. Any offers which have conditions which are partially met are shown in the "Related offers" section. These can be used to up-sell customers by encouraging them to take advantage of further offers.


Tap any offer for further details about the offer, such as how long it's active for, what the minimum spend is, and which categories it applies to.


Applying a discount or promotion

A promotion cannot be manually applied to a basket. Promotions will automatically apply when the conditions have been met - for example, a buy one get one free promotion will automatically discount the second item when two are scanned onto the sale.

A discount code can be applied only once all the conditions of the discount have been met. A discount can be added by:

  • Scanning the discount code
  • Browsing all offers and selecting to "Apply"
  • Tapping the Offers section heading in the basket and selecting an applicable offer ("offers prompt" must be enabled in the POS app settings)

Once a discount or promotion has been applied, it is listed within the "Offers" section of the basket with its code and value.

There is also an icon (blue circle) presented on its tile.


Basket items which have an offer applied will display the offer name below:


Removing a discount or promotion

A discount or promotion can be removed by selecting the tile and tapping "Remove". It can also be removed by swiping to the left on the basket offer section and tapping "Delete".


Once a promotion has been manually removed from a sale it will not automatically be added until a new basket is started.

Applying multiple discount codes

Multiple offers can be applied to a basket, but a single line item in the basket cannot have more than one offer applied.

This means each individual item can only have one offer applied at any one time. If multiples of the same product are being purchased and the customer wishes to use multiple offers the items will need to be split into separate rows.

To do this, add the first item then the discount, before adding the second item and the second discount.

Multiple promotions on the same basket

If the conditions of more than one promotion have been met by the same basket, only one will be applied.

The promotion which offers the least discount will take precedence. This can be overridden by the cashier within the basket offer browser - remove the current promotion and apply a different one.

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