Products and

In, items are used to describe the products or services provided to your business by your vendors.

When you create or update products in Brightpearl, the connector posts the data to which then allows bills to sync between the two systems.

Once you've created a product or service in Brightpearl, it is automatically assigned a product ID. This is visible at Products > List products / services beneath the SKU.


The connector posts this item to when the first document containing the product is synced. Once this has happened, you will see the Brightpearl product ID linked to a item ID in the connector interface at the Product Listing screen.


To make all this possible, you must turn on item tracking for payables in

  1. Log into your account
  2. Hover over the gear icon, and then click "Settings"
  3. Under "Accounting", click "Preferences", then "Edit"
  4. Change the value of the "Use Items in Payables" field to "Yes"
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