Purchase orders and Bill.com

Purchase order mapping

The following fields on a purchase order/bill are mapped between Brightpearl and Bill.com: 

Brightpearl Bill.com
Invoice # Invoice #
Order ID PO #
First name / last name Vendor name
Invoice address Mailing address
Tax date Invoice date
Total Total
Nominal code Nominal code

Purchase order workflow

Purchase orders for inventory are created in Brightpearl.

Once the inventory is received in Brightpearl, the connector will create a bill in Bill.com.

This bill is then approved and paid in Bill.com, with the connector creating the corresponding invoice and payment in Brightpearl.

The flow diagram below shows the full workflow:


Creating the PO and receiving inventory

Once a purchase order in Brightpearl is on the relevant order status and all inventory has been received, the connector will fetch and post the PO to create a new bill in Bill.com.


Note: The PO status is configured in the connector interface at Account settings > Brightpearl settings > Default configuration > Fetch purchase order status. Read more about configuring the connector in this article.

The bill can be found in Bill.com by navigating to Payables > Bills. At this stage, both the invoice reference and PO number match the Brightpearl order ID.


Receiving the invoice and approving

The vendor's invoice is sent or uploaded to Bill.com:


It should then be appended to the existing bill, which updates its invoice reference:mceclip11.png

Bill.com then triggers the approval process.


Once the bill is approved in Bill.com, the purchase order in Brightpearl will be updated by the connector. It will be marked as invoiced, using the invoice reference and date from Bill.com:



Once the bill payment is made in the Bill.com, the status will change to ‘Paid’.


The connector will then fetch the payment from Bill.com and post a payment against the PO in Brightpearl using the payment method mapping set up in the connector's user interface.

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