Data synchronisation with

Automatic sync

The connector synchronizes data between Brightpearl and automatically every 30 minutes.

New products and contacts will only be posted to and Brightpearl respectively when the first document requiring them is posted.

Manual sync

Synchronization can also be triggered manually from within the connector interface.

To manually sync, select the record type from the left-hand menu, i.e. Vendors, Products or Purchase orders. The example below shows the Vendors Listing:


Clicking the "Fetch contacts" button at the top right will fetch all new and updated vendors from Selecting "Post contacts" will create or update the corresponding records in Brightpearl. You can also fetch and post a single record at a time by using the "Tools" menu in the right-hand "Actions" column, useful for testing or troubleshooting.

Note: The process of fetching and posting data described in this article is for the purpose of explanation only. These processes are not required to be performed manually (unless as part of testing or troubleshooting).

Sync status

For each record, the connector will display its sync status:




The data has been fetched from Brightpearl and is pending posting to


The data has been sent to successfully


The data has been updated in Brightpearl and is pending posting to


An error has occurred syncing the data from Brightpearl to


The data has been set to 'archived'

Read more about how specific record types are synced in the following articles:

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