Parcelhub is a bespoke multi-carrier delivery management and proactive tracking support solution

Parcelhub have built a direct integration into Brightpearl that results in automatic label generation and printing, including support for multiple printers in a single warehouse, saving your team time and mitigating errors. This document covers how to configure it, and how Parcelhub fits within your Brightpearl workflows.


You’ll need to speak with Parcelhub directly to create an account with them. To start this, complete the form here.

Once you’re ready to install the Parcelhub connector to your Brightpearl account, go to the Brightpearl App store, find the Parcelhub app and click Turn on. You’ll be presented with a screen where you’ll need to authorize the connection.




To set up and configure the integration, navigate to the Parcelhub app in the Brightpearl App Store > Installed Apps page, click Configure, then Setup. Brightpearl users must have the 'Settings' permission to be able to make these changes.


The connector settings open up in a new tab, and is split into four sections. Select the ‘Edit’ button beneath each heading to change the values.


  • ‘Trigger point’ defines the workflow point in which Parcelhub will retrieve the Goods-out note detail from Brightpearl
  • ‘Label size’ lets you select whether you’re printing 6 or 8 inch labels.
  • ‘Weight unit’ defines the unit of measure you’ve used throughout Brightpearl
  • The 'HS code' is the ‘Harmonized System code’ This is used by some international carriers when clearing customs. All items have a HS code and can be found using this site:
  • ‘Country of Origin’ is a field for clearing customs. Use this optional setting to select a Brightpearl product custom field that contains this information.
  • ‘Fabric Content’ is an optional field with some carriers that describes what the products are made from. Use this optional setting to select a Brightpearl product custom field that contains this information.
  • ‘FDA’ is a required field for some carriers where food or drug shipments are going to the USA . Use this optional setting to select a Brightpearl product custom field that contains this information.
  • ‘Package type’ is used to form a match to predefined package types you’ve created in Parcelhub. Use this optional setting to select a Brightpearl order custom field that contains this information.

Print queue

Parcelhub uses a configuration of print servers and print clients to automatically send print requests to specific printers.

Within Parcelhub, you need to create a ‘Print queue’ for each printer that you want to use. To actually process each print job (label) through to a printer, a ‘Print client’ will need to be created and assigned to a queue, which is done by adding the Print queue name and ID found in your Parcelhub account.

You’ll also then need to associate users to the queue (as Parcelhub will use this to figure out which printer to send the label to). In the integration setup screen you can create, delete and add or remove users from the queues.

Parcelhub’s implementation services and technical support teams will help with configuration.

Package types

You can add your available package types into Parcelhub to save time with label generation. Each package type has a name and values for length, width, height and the weight of the packaging (Packaging weight will be applied in addition to the weight of the items in the box).

You can create a custom field in Brightpearl to capture the package type used on the order (as an optional step). If you pass package type as an order custom field then the package type of the requested name will be used. If not requested the packaging type set as default will be used.


All services and preference lists for all the accounts your Parcelhub login can access are available to link to your Brightpearl account. If your login only links to one account the page will default to that account, but If it links to multiple accounts then you should select each account from a drop down menu. Check the box next to any services or preference lists you’d like to link for each account. A text box with a default name for the service to be called in Brightpearl will appear next to the service. You can change the service name to what you would like to see the service as in Brightpearl as (name must be unique to the integration). If the name you use already exists as a shipping method in Brightpearl then the services will be linked. If not a new Shipping Method will be created in Brightpearl. Changes made in this section are save on both changing account and pressing save.

Parcelhub’s implementation services and technical support teams will help with configuration.


As per the previous section, you can define which of the key events in a Goods Out Note’s lifecycle will trigger Parcelhub to retrieve the goods out note details from Brightpearl, and arrange shipment with the courier. The reason to integrate with goods-out notes as opposed to orders is that an order in Brightpearl can be fulfilled through multiple goods-out notes.

The best point which the integration should take action will depend on your workflow. If you prefer to print labels at the same time as packing notes, ‘Printed’ is a good choice. If you prefer to wait until the package is completely prepared then use ‘Packed’, as this will give you the opportunity to enter updated details to the GON - like weight or number of boxes - before the information is passed to the courier. Be aware that once the courier has been notified they may expect to receive the package on their next collection, so using an event that occurs earlier in the fulfilment process may not allow you as much time to prepare the package.


Does the integration support Brightpearl WMS?

Yes. The integration is specifically into Brightpearl, but the way that WMS updates Brightpearl with the lifecycle events in real time means that the Parcelhub integration will work without any extra clicks.

What happens when you delete a goods out note in Brightpearl?

It’ll be deleted in Parcelhub. Additionally, if you revoke the trigger event (e.g. you un-pick when the integration is set to Pick) then the shipment will also be deleted from Parcelhub.

(shipments can only be deleted on day of creation prior to carrier cut off)

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