Advanced fulfill action

The "Advanced fulfill" Automation action is used to create goods-out notes, purchase orders and/or drop-ship purchase orders against specific order rows.

It's the equivalent of using "Partial/Advanced fulfill" within the sales order screen.


Note: This action is different to the fulfill order action and the create purchase order action as it acts against specific order rows rather than against the entire order.

Configuring the "Advanced fulfill" action


The advanced fulfill action can have multiple "sub-actions" which instruct Automation on which rows to act and how to fulfill those particular rows.

These are based on the following product attributes:

  • Product category
  • SKU
  • Product custom fields

Each sub-action can have its own fulfillment method:

  • PO ship to warehouse (Create a purchase order)
  • PO ship to customer (Create a drop-ship purchase order)
  • Fulfill from stock
  • Fulfill from stock if possible, otherwise create a purchase order
  • Fulfill from stock if possible, otherwise create a drop-ship purchase order

You can also specify a fulfillment method for "all remaining rows", i.e. any items on the order that aren't fulfilled by your product-specific sub-actions.

Purchase order

If you choose either the "PO ship to warehouse" or "PO ship to customer" fulfillment method then you must choose which vendor to place the order with.

This can be:

  • the product's primary vendor
  • the cheapest vendor
  • a specific vendor from the list

You can also specify the order status for the resulting purchase order(s). Leaving it blank applies the default status for new purchase orders.

Finally, you can choose to automatically email the order to your vendor.

Note: We recommend adding a manual approval step when setting up a new rule. Do this by giving the new purchase orders a status that will allow them to easily found in the recent purchase orders list. You can then check and email the orders manually. Once the rule has been tested and you're happy that it's working as expected, then it's safe to enable automatic emailing.

Fulfill from stock

Choosing one of the "Fulfill from stock" options as the fulfillment method will result in a goods-out note for items that are available in the selected warehouse(s).

If "Use alternative warehouse" is set to "No", then the items can only be fulfilled from the warehouse assigned to the sales order. If it's set to "Yes", then you can set a warehouse priority.


If the methods 'Fulfill from stock if possible, otherwise drop-ship' or 'Fulfill from stock if possible, otherwise PO' are selected, then Automation will attempt to fulfill using inventory available in the selected warehouse(s).

If there is insufficient stock, then a purchase order will be raised. 

Note: This Automation action may result in multiple goods-out notes for the same sales order.


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