Invoice order action

The "Invoice order" Automation action will mark a sales order as invoiced, as well as create all the relevant accounting entries.

A note will also be included in the "Notes and payment history" tab. 

Any rule containing this action will only run if there are rows in the order.

Important: It is vital to invoice completed orders even if you are not using Brightpearl's accounting. Automation continues to watch orders until they are paid, shipped and invoiced, and the fewer orders it has to watch, the better the app performance.

Configuring the "Invoice order" action

Invoice date

The setting to "use today as tax date when invoicing", found at Settings > Company > Accounting: Options, is respected when invoicing orders using Automation.


Emailing the invoice

If you would like your customer to be emailed a copy of the invoice, select the checkbox that appears below the action.

The default templates set against the branding for the order's channel will be used to create the email. These settings can be found at Settings > Company > Company information > Edit channel brand > Templates.

  • The "Sales invoice" template will be attached to the email as a PDF
  • The "Sales invoice email" template will be used for the body of the email


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