Fulfil order action

This Automation action will automatically create goods-out notes, ready for your warehouse staff to pick, pack and ship. This is the equivalent to using 'Fulfil and ship later' within the sales order screen.


Depending on your business processes, this could mean the order gets picked up for shipping immediately or you might want to perform a few checks first.

Before using auto-fulfil

Once an order is fulfilled, it will be packed and shipped. As such, it is recommended to only use this rule against orders that you know are ready to be despatched.

For example, you might want to set a condition to only fulfil orders that are fully paid. You might want to exclude orders that are on a draft or incomplete status. It is also recommended to manually check orders that have a high risk of fraud before automatically fulfilling. You can do this by using the conditions for order total value and addresses.

Partial fulfil

You can choose to fulfil an order even if some items on the sales order are unavailable. Do so by selecting 'Yes' under 'Partial fulfil'.


Note: If using partial fulfilment, be aware that each rule runs only once per order. This means that if an order is partially fulfilled, you will either need to manually complete fulfilment of that order or fulfil the remaining items using another Automation rule. This additional rule should look for partially fulfilled orders and use the fulfil action.

Use alternative warehouse

You can choose to fulfil from alternative warehouses if inventory is not available from the order warehouse. To do this select 'Yes' from the dropdown and specify which warehouses to include and the order in which you want to attempt fulfilment.


Shipping method

You can choose a shipping method to apply to the resulting goods-out note(s) if one hasn't been assigned to the sales order.


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