Create warehouse transfer action

This Automation action automatically raises a warehouse transfer to move items on your sales orders between warehouses. The resulting transfer will be fulfilled to a goods-out note ready for your warehouse staff to pick, pack and ship. Read more about warehouse transfers here.


Action options

Quantity to transfer


This option allows you to choose whether the transfer should contain only unallocated items or all the items on the sale, regardless of their allocation status.

Partial transfer


This lets you choose whether or not Automation should create the transfer when some products are unavailable in the chosen warehouse(s).



Here you can choose the source warehouse for the inventory items. If multiple warehouses are an option, you can set a prioritized list and Automation will attempt them in your chosen sequence. 


Also choose the destination warehouse, i.e. where you'd like the items to be shipped to.

Transfer reference


You can choose a prefix for the transfer reference to make it easier to identify. This needs to be a unique value, so we append the order ID, warehouse ID and the date to your prefix.

Shipping method


If appropriate, choose the shipping method for the resulting goods-out note(s).

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