POS | How to get paid by gift card

Using gift cards as a payment method

  1. Complete your basket as usual and proceed to payment. Select "Gift cards" as the payment method.
  2. POS will display a modal where you can scan or type in gift cards in order to check their current balance and, if you wish to, use them to pay for the purchase.
  3. Add as many cards as you would like to check the balance for and possibly use. Every card added is displayed with its current balance.
  4. You can also change the amount to tender, should you need to lower it for a specific card or complete the rest of the payment using another payment method. Then you can select the card to pay with and tap “Pay”.
  5. Once the payment is made, POS displays a confirmation message at the bottom of the modal and the amount to tender is reduced by the paid amount. You can also undo the payment.
  6. You can then add another gift card to pay for the remaining amount, or select “Done” to pay with another payment method.
  7. On the printed receipt, you will see the payments made by gift cards.


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