POS | How to remove a customer from a loyalty campaign and merge cards

  1. Once you are at the customer’s loyalty profile tab, you can tap on any card and select “Remove”.
  2. POS asks for confirmation that you would like to remove the card.
  3. If the selected card has no outstanding points, once you confirm, the card is removed from the customer’s account and it’s no longer visible at the customer’s loyalty profile.

  4. If the selected card has outstanding points, POS offers the option to merge the removed card’s points with another loyalty card (if the customer has other loyalty cards).
  5. If you select “Merge”, POS provides the options of the other loyalty cards that the points can be added to. There you can select the preferred card and “Merge”.
  6. POS confirms the successful removal of the card and the merge of its outstanding points with the selected card.
  7. You can immediately see that the selected card for merging has been updated with the new balance.
  8. In the printed receipt, we can see the change in the balance of the card that received the points.


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