Setup | Setting up loyalty and gift cards at Brightpearl (products, accounting, payment methods)

In order to get the most out of POS loyalty and gift cards, the following settings should be configured in Brightpearl. Before taking the following steps, please make sure you have completed setting up your Voucherify account.
By setting up your gift card products and your gift card and loyalty payment methods correctly, you can reconcile the total gift cards sold and redeemed as well as loyalty card points redeemed over a period of time.

Set up your gift card products' liability nominal code

When a gift card is sold, the revenue should be recorded as a current liability. The revenue can only be recognized once the gift card is redeemed. To ensure this happens, the gift card product must be assigned a "gift card" account code in place of a sales account code.

    1. If a current liability account code does not already exist, create one at Accounting > Chart of accounts specifically for recording the sale of gift cards.
    2. Then please set up the correct liability code at:
      • Settings > Company > Accounting : Nominal codes > Gift cards, for UK accounts.
      • Settings > Company > Accounting: Accounts > Gift cards, for US accounts.

Learn more about accounting for gift cards here.

Create dedicated products for each value of gift card

    1. Go to Products > New product/service and give the product a name, a category, a type and a brand
    2. In the “Prices” tab of the product record, set the Sales code to the "gift card" code
      v10.pngFor UK merchants, do not assign a tax code. Tax will be applicable after the gift card is redeemed.
    3. Make sure to create separate gift card products for each denomination you plan to sell, if you're planning to sell them in fixed amounts. If you're selling gift cards that can have a custom value, ensure that is its own product too.

Learn more about creating products here.

Create payment methods for gift cards and loyalty cards

The payment methods associated with the gift card and loyalty card (rewards redemption) payments need to be linked to the liability account.

Note: You must have one payment method set up for loyalty card payments and another method for gift card payments, even though they will both be linked to the same liability bank account.

  1. Create new payment methods under Settings > Company > Payment methods and click "Add a new payment method" on the top right-hand side of the page
  2. Give the payment methods a name, a code, and ensure they are activated
  3. Set the bank account to be the gift card liability code
  4. Save changes

Learn more about creating payment methods here.

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