Introduction to POS loyalty and gift cards

Brightpearl POS is enriched with Loyalty and Gift cards functionality. In addition to the existing POS feature set, your customers can buy and spend gift cards, enrol to loyalty programs, earn points and redeem loyalty points to pay for their purchases.

Your customers can also earn points from online sales channels (BigCommerce and Magento, please see below). The loyalty and gift cards integration enables you to produce and distribute promotional codes and vouchers for your online sales, too.

Due to the wide variations in both the loyalty models that businesses operate, and the rules by which points can be earned and redeemed by a customer, Brightpearl has partnered with a dedicated loyalty solution, Voucherify.

The integrations and related functionality for Loyalty and Gift cards already available for POS and    e-commerce channels in this 1st phase are as per below. More phases will follow on completing the landscape, such as the Shopify addition to the integrated sales channels (planned for July 2021).

Order channel Next order channel - enrolment Loyalty points earned


After enrolling in POS
POS POS After enrolling in POS
BigCommerce/Magento BigCommerce/Magento Customer must be enrolled by merchant in Voucherify
POS BigCommerce/Magento Voucherify does not merge points, merchant needs to perform it manually


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