Shopify customers

Orders downloaded from Shopify will include customer details for both returning and new customers. A customer email address is used as the unique identifier when identifying a new or existing customer.

New customers

Orders that download from Shopify contain customer details, allowing Brightpearl to create a contact record if one doesn't already exist. Shopify provides the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Customer email address
  • Billing name and address
  • Delivery name and address
  • Telephone number
  • Add to mailing list (yes/no)

The customer will automatically be assigned to the price list chosen in the Shopify app's settings.

Existing customers

If a contact record with a matching email address already exists, the order will be assigned to the existing contact record.

Newsletter subscription

The customer’s choice of “receive email newsletters” is maintained on the Brightpearl contact record.

Updated or changed customer details

If an existing customer changes their details on Shopify, on their next purchase the data can be updated.

The following fields will be overwritten with the new data:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Company
  • Telephone number
  • Add to mailing list yes/no

The following will be added to the record, in addition to the previous entry:

  • Delivery Address
  • Billing Address

Capturing company name

The Shopify connector allows you to choose whether to capture the company name. If you do opt to capture company names, you can also choose which company names to ignore - for example, if the customer has entered a company name of "None" or "Mr", you may want to ignore those to prevent customers from being incorrectly linked together. 

You can enable contact company name capture in the Brightpearl Shopify app under order settings.


Customers buying on multiple stores

A customer could potentially purchase from you via any one of your Shopify stores or other sales channels. As long as their email address is consistent, all orders will be tied to a single contact record.

Each order will indicate which sales channel it came through, meaning you'll be able to segment their purchases by channel in Brightpearl’s reports.

Communicating with customers

Shopify automatically sends emails for various events, such as:

  • Order confirmation is sent to the customer when they place an order
  • Shipping confirmation is sent to the customer when the order status is updated to "Shipped" or "Partially shipped"
  • Shipping update is sent to the customer if their fulfilled order's tracking number is updated.

Any communication sent via Shopify will not download to Brightpearl by default (though Mail Store can be leveraged to pull these communications into a customer timeline).

It is also possible to send emails to customers through Brightpearl, but this should only be used for exceptions as most required emails can be sent from Shopify. Any communication sent via Brightpearl will not update Shopify.

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