Shopify refunds, returns, and cancellations

The Brightpearl Shopify app allows for refunds performed on Shopify to automatically generate a sales credit and/or refund in Brightpearl's back office, as well as return the inventory into stock.

This functionality is optional and can be handled entirely within Brightpearl, but please note any refunds or returns performed directly in Brightpearl will not update Shopify with any returns information.

Note: If opting to create sales credits from returns in Shopify, note that credits and refunds will only be created for orders placed within the previous 60 days, as per Shopify's documentation. Any returns or refunds for orders placed earlier than that will not download into Brightpearl, and will need to be processed manually.

Sales credit vs. canceled order

A sales credit will be created when it meets any of the following conditions:

  • The order is partially refunded
  • The order has been fulfilled to a drop ship purchase order
  • The order has been previously refunded (ignoring shipping refund adjustments)
  • It has been fulfilled to a goods out note which has been printed, picked, packed or shipped

The order will be canceled and a reversal posted against the original sale when it meets all of the following conditions:

  • All the items on the order were refunded at the same time, all at once
  • It is not fulfilled to a drop ship purchase order
  • It has no existing refunds against it (excluding shipping refund adjustments)
  • It is not fulfilled to a goods out note which is printed, picked, packed or shipped

Note: The payment reversal will only be posted if the 'Create payments for sales credits' option is enabled.

Invoiced orders

The invoiced status of an order has no bearing on whether a sales credit will be created.

If an invoiced order meets the requirements for order cancelation, the payment reversal will be posted, but the order will not be uninvoiced. This means you will end up with an invoiced, unpaid order.

In this situation, you can manually clone the order to a sales credit, or uninvoice the order.

It is recommended to only invoice sales after they have been shipped.

Configuring the refunds settings


The settings to configure are as follows:

Create sales credits from returns

When this option is enabled, returns processed in Shopify using "cancel and refund now" will automatically update Brightpearl. (Using "refund later" in Shopify will not update Brightpearl even when this option is enabled.)

This should only be switched on if your returns management process begins entirely outside Brightpearl.

The functionality will act differently based on the state of the order (see above).

Create payments for sales credits

Sales credits created in Brightpearl from Shopify refunds will automatically be marked as refunded when this option is enabled. In the cases where the original sale would be canceled, this option must be enabled for the refund to post.

Switching this off means that Brightpearl sales credits will need to be manually marked as refunded. You may wish to do this as a reconciliation step to verify accurate refunding.

New sales credit status

Select the sales credit status to be used for any sales credits created via the Shopify app.

Receive items back into stock from returns

This determines if items are automatically received against the sales credit upon issuing the refund. This should be used if you wait until items are received before issuing a refund in Shopify.

Returned stock location

Select the location returned stock should be received into, if the option to receive items into stock is enabled. Items can be received into quarantine (if they need to be checked before being made available to sale, for example) or directly into stock.

If received back into stock, they will be returned to their default location in the default allocation warehouse.


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