Shopify shipment updates

When items are shipped in Brightpearl, the order will be updated in Shopify with:

  • details of the items in the shipment
  • the shipping method (and carrier, if mapped)
  • the tracking reference

Shipment updates from Brightpearl to Shopify are enabled by toggling the “Enable fulfillments” option.

Shipment update triggers

Shipments are sent to Shopify every 15 minutes when a goods out note or drop-shipment are sent.

Shipment update features

Feature Supported?
Partial shipments (multiple shipments for one order) Yes
Items split to back order (we recommend a status change) No
Drop shipments Yes
Send updated shipping method (i.e. different from original order) Yes
Tracking reference sent to Shopify Yes
Shipment updates triggered from integrated shipping system Yes

Partial or split shipment

A shipment update will be sent to Shopify for each separate shipment made in Brightpearl.

Back orders

Back orders should not be used for Shopify orders. Instead, advanced fulfillment should be used to split the shipment.

If items from the original order are split to a Brightpearl back order, those items will no longer have a link to the order in Shopify. This means that no shipment updates will be triggered and Brightpearl cannot update the order in Shopify with the shipment details.

Shipping method and tracking reference

The order shipping method is provided by the Shopify store and is assigned to the order in Brightpearl as long as a shipping method of the same name exists. If a different shipping method is used and assigned to the goods out note in Brightpearl, the shipment will show the shipping method name in the shipment on Shopify.

Tracking references are entered against goods out notes in Brightpearl at the point the items are marked as packed. Tracking might be added by an integrated shipping application.

Any tracking reference entered will be sent to Shopify once that goods out note is marked as shipped.

Shipping methods mapping

In order to map shipping methods, the name of a shipping method in Shopify must match the name of a shipping method in Brightpearl word for word. Please make sure you create shipping methods in Brightpearl with the exact same wording as in Shopify before processing shipments.

Shopify shipping carrier mapping

Shopify offers merchants the ability to add tracking information to orders so that consumers can track their order’s progress without having to call the merchant.

Shopify uses a combination of "Tracking carrier" and "Tracking reference" to produce a URL that will take consumers to the carrier’s website with the tracking reference already filled in so that they can track the parcel’s progress without having to enter anything manually.

Brightpearl allows merchants to map Shopify shipping carriers to Brightpearl shipping methods so that the correct carrier-specific fulfillment information is sent to Shopify.

A new setting called "Shipping carrier mapping" can be found under the Fulfillments tab in the Shopify connector:


Map Shopify shipping carriers to active Brightpearl shipping methods by selecting options from the dropdown lists. A shipping method can only be mapped to a single carrier, but a carrier can be a part of multiple shipping method mappings.

To map a Shopify-supported carrier that’s not on the list, select “Other” and enter the name of the carrier in the field which appears. The Shopify shipping carrier name must be an exact match to carrier names in the Shopify documentation. If you enter a carrier that is not supported by Shopify, Shopify will process it incorrectly.

Shopify will generate a tracking URL automatically.

Shipping confirmation emails to customers

Either Shipstation (or similar apps), Brightpearl or Shopify can be used to trigger email updates to be sent to customers. Ensure only one or the other is being used.


Once a drop-ship purchase order is marked as shipped in Brightpearl, the sales order will be updated as shipped too.

This will trigger a shipment to be created in Shopify with the relevant shipping method and tracking reference, if available. To enter a tracking reference on drop-ship orders in Brightpearl, the advanced drop-shipping option must be activated in Brightpearl.

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