A recipe is a list of components used to assemble a bill of materials.

The same BOM could be assembled using different components. As such, it's possible to add more than one recipe for each BOM.

You can specify a default recipe, which ensures this recipe is used when items are assembled automatically.

Creating recipes

  1. Find the BOM in the Bill of materials listing and click Edit
  2. Click the Add new recipe button
  3. Enter:
    • a recipe name
    • a qty (this is the number of finished products this recipe will assemble)
    • select whether this is the BOM's default recipe
  4. Click Add new component 
  5. In the SKU field, search for the component SKU and select it from the drop-down
  6. Enter the quantity required to assemble the BOM
  7. Add all required components, repeating steps 4-6
  8. Click Save

Exporting recipes

In the Bill of material listing click the Export BOMs button to download a CSV file containing your BOMs and their recipes.

Importing recipes

Recipes can be created by import using a CSV file.

It is easiest to use an export file as the template for importing.

The CSV file should contain the following columns:

Field Description
BOMId The product ID of the BOM's product record in Brightpearl
BOMQty The number of finished products this recipe will create
AutoAssembly Use 0 for No or 1 for Yes
AutoPriceUpdate Use 0 for No or 1 for Yes
DefaultBinLocation The default warehouse location for assembled items
compProdId The product ID of the component's product record in Brightpearl
compProdName The name of the component
compProdSku The SKU of the component
compProdQty The component quantity
RecipeId The recipe ID
RecipeName The recipe name
PrimaryRecipe Use 0 for No or 1 for Yes
deleteBom Leave blank when creating recipes, or enter 1 to delete an existing recipe

Follow these steps to import recipes:

  1. Prepare your CSV file
  2. In the Bill of material listing click the Import BOMs button
  3. Browse to your import file and upload
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