Preparing your products for Bill of Materials

Before setting up the Bill of Materials application, you should ensure products are configured correctly in Brightpearl.

Create a custom field

A product custom field is used to identify assemblies. This field is created in your Brightpearl settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom fields > Products
  2. Choose Add a field
  3. Give the field a name and code of your choosing but ensure the type is Yes/No. It is advisable to make this a required field
  4. Click Save


Create assemblies and components

Ensure all assemblies, sub-assemblies and components have been set up in Brightpearl, each with a unique SKU. Read more about setting up products here.

All assembled items should have the BOM custom field set to 'Yes'.

Set minimum stock levels and reorder quantities

If you intend to use auto-assembly based on reorder point then it's important to set a minimum stock level and reorder quantity against the finished product SKU in Brightpearl. This is set on the Stock/Inventory tab of a product record. Make sure this is set against the relevant warehouse, i.e. the warehouse where the components are stored.

Assign cost prices

It is important to store cost prices against your product records. These costs will be used by the Bill of Materials app when performing assembly and disassembly operations.

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