Troubleshooting BigCommerce


My order hasn't downloaded, and forcing it through doesn't work.

  1. Check that the email address is not a staff member in Brightpearl. If it is, you’ll need to add the order to Brightpearl manually.
  2. Check that the email address is valid (contains an @ symbol, contains a valid suffix)
  3. Check that the country is in Brightpearl (they are not added automatically). Once you’ve added the country, try redownloading the order.
  4. Check whether the BigCommerce order reference is already in Brightpearl. If it is, then we won't be able to download the new order and you will need to add the order manually. Try prefixing your orders for different channels (e.g. #1, B2B, B2C) to prevent this from being an issue.
  5. If you still have trouble, please contact Brightpearl support.

My order has downloaded as unpaid.

  1. Check that you have enabled "Payment sync" in the Brightpearl BigCommerce app, as well as mapped your payment methods and have a default payment method defined.
  2. Check whether it's a pending order. If you have enabled "download pending orders", orders can download without payments and will update once paid.
  3. If you do not believe this is the cause of the payment not downloading, then please contact Brightpearl support

Products and inventory

Products are not being added or allocated to orders.

  1. Check that there is a matching and unique SKU in Brightpearl. This is how products are matched between the systems.
  2. Look to see if there is enough inventory at the warehouse on the sales order. Inventory from multiple warehouses is being synced to BigCommerce but the order can only automatically allocate inventory from a single warehouse. The order may need split shipments created.

Inventory isn't updating on BigCommerce.

  1. Check that the SKUs match in both systems and that they are unique.
  2. Inventory will only update if there has been an inventory change (i.e. purchased / sold stock, manual inventory change, item allocated to an order)
  3. If you still have trouble, please contact Brightpearl support
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